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We have the knowledge and expertise to help you begin your heart healing journey.  For more than 200 sessions, we have helped countless people navigate through their inner heart healing process successfully. 


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Honest Reviews

The Enterprise 1021 team was amazing! This modality is great and prophetic heart healing has much in common with different churches I have attended. I would highly recommend Enterprise 1021 and the process generally to anyone interested in Holy Spirit-led healing.

Kyle F – Client

The Enterprise 1021 team have been incredibly helpful in creating a space for me to hear from God. Much like a marathon runner running a race well, and then wanting to get even better, having Enterprise 1021 team come alongside me and hearing the Lord has accelerated me in some personal ways that I wanted and needed to grow in. Their insight, tenderness and kindness, encouragement and diligence in creating space for me to hear from the Lord has really helped me with those areas that I wanted to hear from the Lord in. They’re calling me up into my identity from God has helped me have more courage to go deeper into the areas I needed and need breakthrough in. They have been right on The Mark with their words of encouragement and their words of knowledge have resonated deeply with me when they share what they have heard from God. I’ve heard something from God on my own and then they have unknowingly reiterated a similar or exact mindset or phrase. It’s been very affirming!

Jeff S – Client